Get on Track as a Lindsay Train Show Sponsor!

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

Raise Brand Awareness:
This goes without saying. Businesses sponsor events because it puts their brand in the spotlight for the event. It may not mean a financial gain for the
company but it certainly puts the brand in front of people. It creates positive PR and raises awareness of the organization as a
whole and enhances brand credibility.

Emotional Connection:
People often spend with their heart. Making an emotional connection to purchases builds brand loyalty. Seeing
your brand connected to nonprofit drives this connection for consumers. Quite simply, it shows your brand cares enough to get
involved at the community level. Your brand becomes more appealing.

Media Exposure: 
Many nonprofit organizations do what they can to drive media to their events. The benefit, of course, is the free ‘earned media’
exposure your brand could potentially receive. This can expose your brand to far more consumers than those simply taking part in the
event itself. BBB’s Top 10 Scams, for example, is seen by millions across Canada thanks to media coverage.

Most nonprofits have no problem with your brand giving away any ‘swag’ or ‘freebies’ and promotional materials to enhance the
experience with your brand. It potentially allows you to test market a product before investing in a larger marketing campaign.

When a sponsor comes on board it’s largely expected that
they (depending on the contract) would be included in the
nonprofit’s other marketing collateral that surrounds the event.
This can involve brochures, banners, website updates and social
media posts.

A sponsorship lasts for a full year of Internet Exposure on the
Lindsay Train Show website (www.lindsaytrainshow.ca)
and on The Lindsay and District Model Railroaders website (www.ldmr.org).
Your logo and Business name on our Show Flyers.

During the show and throughout the year, we aggressively encourage our
visitors, the public and our members to support
our sponsors.

Lindsay Train Show Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Levels

1. Steam Locomotive Engineer $1000

2. Diesel Locomotive Engineer $700

  • Acknowledgment on social media, local newspapers
  • Logo on poster and show website
  • Four Free Train Show Tickets

Conductor $500

  • Logo on posters
  • Acknowledgment on social media, local newspapers, & show website
  • Two Free Train Show Tickets

4. Brakeman $250

  • Acknowledgment on social media, local newspapers, & show website
  • Recognition during The Train Show
  • Two Free
    show Tickets

Switchman $100

  • Acknowledgement at the show & on show website

Car Attendant $50

  • Acknowledgement on our website.


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